5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Sales

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1. Up-sell & Cross-sell.

Train your sales team to listen for prospect’s hot buttons (needs, challenges, wants, and desires) and then clearly spell out the benefits of upgraded options. Give them strategies for putting the additional price into persp
ective: “sure it may cost more no
w, but in the long run…” , explain value vs. cost. Cross- selling includes putting together packaged offerings of complementary products and have these readily available with key selling features.

2. Use a checklist and/or questionnaire.

Similar to up selling the checklist could be created for different product categories and it would remind your sales team to ask questions about other products they may need to accompany their new purchase.  For example, say your are in the computer business, a new laptop is purchased, well there could be a checklist that reminds the sales member to run through a list of products suggestions that could accompany the laptop and make the clients’ life easier. The questionnaire should be on hand to remind agents to dig a little deeper when interacting with customers.  Ask them questions such as “what else would you like to see us offer? “, “what is most important to you when buying x product or service?”,  can we be of additional assistance throughout the year?”,  ”what trade shows would you like to see us at?”, “how can we earn more of your business?”

3. Reward your “A” grade customers

Find out who your best customers are, and set up a rewards program with free gifts and specialized service.  Get to know them on a personal level and send thank you and b-day cards.  With your C/D customers write them a letter that politely and simply outlines the minimum standards you expect from your clients.  Remember that some customers are probably losing you money after the price hassling and the extra demands of your time

4. Don’t leave sales to chance

Train the sales team to clearly explain the benefits of the more expensive options first.  Not to focus on price but rather the value that your services can create for them.  Then when asking for the order make it an either/or vs. a yes/no question.  This involves giving the clients several options from which to pick as opposed to one option where it’s a yes or no response.  And always, always, ask “is there anything else you need?”

5. Measure average sales price

Create customer incentives for bigger purchases and team incentives for bigger sales.  Start by making the rewards and targets clear for everyone to see in a general scoreboard.  This scoreboard should openly display each team members performance and most importantly create exciting prizes for performance above and beyond the set goals.   In terms of customer rewards you could offer a gift with a minimum purchase or “funny company” money for a future purchase if the client purchases a minimum amount.  It’s always cheaper to do this than to advertise for new clients.

- Gabriel Padva


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