• Why You Should Specialize Your Sales Team, with Aaron Ross

    I recently did an interview with Aaron Ross, the best selling author of Predictable Revenue. In this interview we talk about: Aaron’s story at Salesforce and Predictable Revenue The concept of specialization and lead categorization Best practices around outsourcing your prospecting teams How to differentiate using the messaging matrix  Items mentioned: Salesforce Predictable Revenue book […]

  • How to motivate your sales team

    Selling is tough. Selling is an important stage in any business. Selling is demanding. This is why keeping your sales team motivated is extremely important and will directly affect the results obtained. Not everyone is motivated by the same things, which is why it is important to have different ways of moving your team forward. […]

  • Press Release: Inside Sales Virtual Summit

    Gabriel Padva from 30,000 FT Strategies to Present at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit, the Largest B2B Sales Event Ever Gabriel Padva will be joining 40 sales authors and leaders at the Guinness Book of World Record certified largest virtual sales summit. Vancouver, BC June 14, 2013 – 30,000 FT Strategies today announced that is participating […]

  • How to Create an Accurate Sales Pipeline

    Developing your Sales Pipeline  Applied knowledge is power.  The more data and feedback you receive from your prospects and clients, the more effective your sales management efforts will be.  To build a target-rich sales pipeline that is filled with accurate opportunity forecasts a plan is required. Companies that experience success in today’s sales 2.0 world […]

  • Top 5 Secrets to Running an Effective Tele prospecting Campaign

    The success of any sales campaign is determined by careful monitoring of essential factors in the sales environment.  The most successful sales programs are conducted with specific practices maintained as priorities.  Here are the top 5 secrets for running a more effective tele prospecting campaign. 1.  Know your People:  Product-knowledge and Interest Top sales people […]

  • Moneyball And The Game Of Business

    Just finished watching the movie Moneyball. It is a fascinating film that draws upon many parallels between life and business.  The core premise of the movie is that the collective wisdom of baseball insiders (including players, managers, coaches, and scouts) over the past century is subjective and often flawed.  Basically Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), the head […]