Inside Sales Expertise

Inside sales has grown more than 15 times faster than outside sales, according to research quoted on Inc. com and conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd. Dr. Oldroyd believes that the importance of inside sales has increased due to the speed and ease of internet communications along with innovations in online marketing and sales-force automation tools.

Inside sales has become a specialized part of the sales force, able to generate and qualify high quality leads for the field sales team to pursue. Inside sales is definitely not just telemarketing or telesales, but it is a tool for strategic sales support.


If you want to elevate your sales effort to world-class levels, we can help you develop the tools and processes you need for:

  • Utilizing effective inbound and outbound call sequences and checklists
  • Pre-qualifying and routing leads effectively
  • Developing outbound campaign strategies
  • Integrating your CRM system with dialer technology
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and mentoring an inside sales force
  • Increasing quality through role playing and call evaluation
  • Identifying and implementing management reporting and compensation best practices
  • Improving list management techniques

To see how a successful inside sales team can help you increase sales more than 3 times your current levels, just click here to see our ROI whiteboard session.