Our Story

30,000 FT Strategies is a Vancouver based consulting firm which focuses on sales and marketing alignment by maximizing people, process and technology to increase overall revenues. Our organization is an accumulation of entrepreneurial, marketing and sales experience fused with the latest research on buying behaviour. The bottom line? We help you close more business faster.

We believe the foundation of sustainable revenue growth is a clear marketing vision that is aligned with a process driven sales system. This system must be as customized as it is comprehensive. It should contain tools and instructions for all aspects of the sales process from lead generation to referral creation.
Theory and planning are wonderful when combined with an understanding of the entrepreneur’s unique challenges and the motivations of his or her staff. Creating tools and systems is only half the equation. The other half is creating them in a way that serves the entrepreneur and ensures the system is followed and will generate real revenue… not just projections of it.

We are passionate about working directly with entrepreneurs and their teams from start until success. We have experience with all aspects of entrepreneurship, from multi-million dollar deals and organizational changes to all-nighters with the marketing team. It is our experience and personal connection with your challenges and ambitions that drives us to serve you and create sustainable solutions for your business.

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