ATTENTION: CEO’s & VP’s of Sales & Marketing

Did you know that your sales people

hate prospecting?

Yet it is the   key  to a thriving business.

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Are you looking at your pipeline and not seeing sales 6 months down the road?


Are your highly paid sales people wasting their time prospecting, when they should be educating potential clients and closing deals?

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Worse yet, are you having to prospect and generate leads yourself, instead of running your company or department?

Prospecting can be very disempowering for highly skilled sales people and executives.

That’s because sales people and prospectors are not the same

separate prospecting from sales

You know that you need to generate demand for your product or service. You need leads that are interested in your products, and are a good fit for your company to work with.

If you are a B2B company with an average sales price of $10,000 or more, you cannot rely on inbound marketing only, because it does not attract a consistent stream of high-level decisions makers . The way to create exponential sales results starts with outbound prospecting. The absolute best way to prospect is to separate it from field sales. This is called Inside Sales.

The idea is to take the essential and repeatable business task of prospecting, and departmentalize it with a team of dedicated and talented prospectors, who do it better than anyone else .

Here’s the thing. It is not in the best interest of sales people to prospect.

All field sales people should be viewed as experts in their respective fields

Today, it’s easy for buyers to do their own research on the internet. The buyers of today are educated. When they talk to a sales person, they want feedback, insights, and salespeople who understand the product in-depth.

When people pick up the phone, they want to talk to an expert – someone who understands the product or service and can facilitate their decision making process. A salesperson should be viewed as a trusted advisor. Someone who has just cold-called you is never going to be viewed that way.

trusted advisor

Building an inside sales team on your own can be challenging.

You may not know where to take the first step.  You have to provide office space, IT support, and dedicated management to handle training, role playing, adherence to policies, hiring, recruiting, turnover, and payroll processing.  All of this can take a toll on your company, and your stress level.

And if it’s not set-up right from the start using industry best practises, you can waste a lot of time, money, and confidence in your sales process.

What if your senior sales staff never had to make a cold call again

while consistently landing larger sales with the types of clients you want, on your terms?

big fish

Stop wasting your best sales people’s precious time talking to uninterested, unqualified leads, and  go after the big fish in your industry. 

Imagine consistently landing sales that are 10 times the value of your current average sales price.

How much would that be worth to you on a monthly and yearly basis?

What if you had a team that consistently generated

qualified sales opportunities for your organization?

  we can help

At 30,000 FT we understand how frustrating prospecting can be for a C-level executive or highly trained sales professional. We also know how valuable it is to a B2B company to have a consistent stream of pre-qualified leads. That is why…

We have developed a fully-managed prospecting solution
that is an extension of your sales team.

We handle all aspects of:







  • We take the time to learn about your company and your industry, and understand the B2B sales process of your organization to ensure smooth integration.
  • We only hire the best, native English speaking, college-educated team members.
  • We train our prospectors extensively for two weeks before they ever make a single call or send a single email.
  • We use activity tracking, results tracking, call recording & evaluation to ensure the best results

Bottom line – we take the pain out of prospecting.

Your highly skilled, trained, and paid field sales teams will now love coming to work each day, because they get to work with qualified sales opportunities that want to talk to them and want to learn more about your organization.

Why work with us?

We have 30 years combined sales experience.

We specialize in the use and optimization of and are in the process of becoming certified consulting partners

We are certified by as Sales Operations Specialists.

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