Sales Strategy

The most important part of your business is sales, but is your organization actually focusing on sales or just going through the motions? If you are struggling to forecast future growth or your sales and marketing teams do not seem aligned, then 30,000FT Consulting can help you to refocus and increase sales by improving your sales processes and providing training in a proven sales methodology that will result in more high-quality leads and an improved deal win rate.


Our method will help you to

  • Accurately forecast sales and revenue
  • Measure sales and marketing performance using industry standard KPIs and benchmark your company against the best performers in your industry.
  • Define winning go-to-market strategies for new and existing products
  • Communicate your organization’s core values to effectively align sales and marketing
  • Track opportunities from lead to win and ensure your sales team follows up on key opportunities
  • Focus your sales team on closing high-quality deals, not prospecting

If you do not know how your sales force spends their time, or you are unsure about whether the company focuses on the right markets or sales activities, we can help. If your sales meetings are unproductive or your team routinely misses quotas and forecasts, we can solve your problem. If the economy adversely affects your revenue, we can show you how to overcome the challenge.

We developed our sales system based on five key principles that invariably increase sales when companies implement them.

1 Integrated marketing communications

2 Clearly defined systematic sales processes

3 Predictable inbound and outbound lead generation

4 Salesforce automation technology

5 Accurate reporting and data-driven management


Click here to download a copy of our white paper entitled “Five Steps to a Better Sales Process.”