Qualified Lead Generation

The first step to an effective sales process is lead generation. Here, both quality and quantity are important factors. An industry report in 2011 suggested that average companies left up to 80% of potential business at the door. This is the result of not having a clear and defined lead generation process in place.

Having qualified leads means having a highly effective sales team. Instead of having your field reps wasting time chasing “potential” clients, they are able to maximize their value to your business by speaking to interested decision makers. Quantity too is crucial, as it increases the number of deals your sales team is able to close. Can you imagine the results your salesforce could achieve with more highly qualified leads?

Can you relate to the following challenges?

  • Your sales team is spending too much time trying to generate new opportunities?
  • New customers do not fit your ideal client profile
  • Field sales team members do not enjoy prospecting nor are they good at it.
  • Your salesforce is struggling to get face time with decision makers?
  • Finding your sales cycle is too long due to an inconsistent sales process?

Qualified Lead Generation

Sales people only want ‘sales ready’ leads. At the same time, we also know that having field reps trying to generate their own leads and new business is never a good investment. MarketingSherpa report revealed that outsourced lead generation gives 43% better results than internal lead generation.
An effective lead management process is a proven tool, which is guaranteed to generate more highly qualified opportunities for your sales team to work on.

The objectives of this process are to:

  • Fill the calendar of your sales team with qualified new opportunities
  • Nurture and “pre-qualify” all not-ready-to-buy prospects
  • Obtain better information about prospects and where they are in the buying process
  • Eliminate “wasted prospecting hours” for your sales team so they can focus on closing deals
  • Increase your sales volume in a substantial and predictable way
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Raise awareness of your brand within your target industry

30,000FT Strategies is dedicated to deliver a high value service and commits to achieve the results you desire. We work together with highly trained and experienced business development representatives that are all native english speakers who are 100% dedicated to generating new opportunities for YOU; that means your sales team can focus only on educating clients and closing deals.

We make a commitment to understanding your unique value, developing your ideal customer profile, and providing you with the tools and resources needed to increase sales and secure your position as an expert authority in your field. The results? Your sales cycle is shortened, your sales team is more effective and your revenues are sure to increase.

Turn your business into a powerful sales machine.