Sales Process Optimization

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Want To Accelerate Your Revenues With More Leads and Qualified Sales Opportunities?


Globalization and technological advancements have revolutionized the way we do business. Some of the latest business trends include Results Only Work Environments (ROWE), Web 2.0 software solutions, social media and social selling. Sales and marketing teams need to align their efforts to create a more cohesive experience for customers, and the client must be educated vs. sold. Many of these innovations are creating powerful results in our business world today. The question is, are you taking advantage of these tools and trends?


Ask yourself the following:

Sales System Challenges

  • Are you unhappy with the amount of qualified leads your business is generate?
  • Do you have clear metrics in your sales and marketing organization? Do you know where your leads are coming from and how quick your response time is?
  • What does your sales funnel look like? Have sales stages been established and do you have key levers you can pull on to drive results at all levels of the funnel?
  • Do you have a CRM (customer relationship management) system that is being used effectively? Is your sales team pro-actively following up with prospects or are they simply taking incoming orders?
  • Are you using sales intelligence tools such as lead scoring, industry insights, sales triggers, social intelligence, and industry talking points?
  • Do you feel each member on your sales and marketing team is accountable to specific results that tie into your overall strategic plan?
  • Do you have an expensive and experienced sales team spending most of their time prospecting and not closing deals?
  • Is there a lack of transparency in your oganization? Bottom line: Do you know what your sales people are up to, how effective their sales calls are, and their overall level of activity each week?

Creating a World Class Sales System

Marketing creates the vision and sales drives the results. Your sales system will combine the business vision with the practical action steps needed to visualize the end goal that you want to create in 1-3 years. Through a process of reverse engineering, quantifiable goals are broken down into milestones and tactics. Key performance indicators such as lead generation, win rate, average sales price, and repeat business are established to drive new client acquisitions, increased revenues, and net profits. A marketing roadmap is established for the year and sales targets are set for the inside and outside sales team. Each team member takes accountability for a line item in the plan and clearly understands what role they play in the execution of that plan.

In the creation of your sales system we will establish the following:


A sales process is custom tailored to your organization which identifies each step of marketing and sales funnel. Team members are assigned to each step of the process and key performance measures are established that clearly outline who is responsible for each revenue producing activity.

Marketing tools are developed to fulfill the goals of the marketing roadmap. This includes sales scripts, white papers, brochures, website upgrades, landing pages and online presentations. A sales playbook is developed which outlines each step of your sales process along with objection handling for future training purposes.
Marketing campaigns are launched and measured on a weekly and monthly basis. This includes industry specific marketing initiatives such as proactive tele-prospecting, tradeshows, search engine marketing, email marketing and direct mail.

A CRM system such as is established to enhance sales performance and measure marketing effectiveness. The CRM and other data analytics are then evaluated on a regular basis to make better business decisions. Marketing automation tools such as Hubspot and iSell can then be integrated into Salesforce to create a powerful marketing and sales machine.

Ongoing sales training is provided to ramp up inside and outside sales efforts. Reporting structures are established to measure marketing effectiveness, average win rates and sales pipeline forecasts. These numbers are brought back into the overall plan through a closed loop management process that gives you the ability to measure performance in a transparent way. Finally you will have a well oiled sales and marketing system that drives results and provides the information needed to make business adjustments in a proactive way to respond to changes in the marketplace.

Turn your business into a powerful sales machine.