30,000 FT Strategies helps companies design seamless B2B sales systems which build pipeline transparency and drive revenues and profitability. This includes a combination of messaging, inbound and outbound qualified lead generation, sales enablement and CRM integration. Gabriel assists organizations to powerfully communicate what they do best so their prospects will pick them over the competition – regardless of price.


Gabriel Padva Revenue Accelerator

Gabriel Padva is the founder and principal consultant at 30,000 FT Strategies, a Vancouver based consulting firm which focuses on sales and marketing alignment by maximizing people, process and technology to increase overall revenues. Gabriel has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience in multiple industries ranging from high-tech, real estate and venture capital.



Karla Calasin Communications Manager

Karla Calasin brings over 8 years of administration and marketing experience. Having worked with top executives in the health and tourism industries she knows what it takes to keep an organization organized and ahead of the game. Her marketing efforts have helped these organization win awards and leap past their competition. At 30,000 FT she puts this marketing experience, including her savvy knowledge of social media, to work.


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