Written Testimonials

Mike Schwarz

“We hired Gabriel on a 6 month consulting project to re-build our sales department from the ground up. This was by no means an easy task with many entrenched bad habits to break and materials to rewrite. His approach was very effective right from the beginning… lots of fact finding and strategic planning as you would expect, but the awesome part came with his spot on recommendations. Every single one of the recommendations that Gabriel came up with we’ve gone ahead and implemented. All of them have translated into measurable results for our company. One example: His relentless focus on activity tracking along with proper incentives has translated into a 100%+ increase in sales activity across the entire sales team. Reps are much more focused on what matters. If you want any more specific examples about how Gabriel paid for himself 10x in 6 months with our company, feel free to contact me directly… or just hire Gabriel already (unless you work for the competition in which case you should definitely NOT hire him).”

Mike SchwarzCEOmyZone Media Inc.

Andrey Bondarenko

“We hired Gabriel because we wanted to build a sales program. Over the past couple of years, we talked to a few companies and accumulated significant number of recommendations and research. However, their total implementation cost was prohibitive, in addition they all seemed to provide extremely high-level theoretical recommendations based on big business approach and experience, which we just did not know how to apply in practice. Gabriel’s approach was much more down to Earth and practical. We gained new insights, learned new sales strategies, re-focused our efforts, made significant website improvements and revamped reporting structure. Overall, it brought more transparency to our company and gave us more confidence in our sales process. We are happy to be able to work with Gabriel, and highly recommend his services to anyone who is considering an education-based marketing and sales approach to growing their business.”

Andrey BondarenkoPresidentABC Language Solutions, Inc.

Joel Sherlock

Working with Gabriel was a true pleasure, his expertise and understanding of every aspect of the sales process really gave my business some needed clarity.
I Look forward to working with Gabriel again in the near future. I would recommend his services to any business owner looking to improve their sales process and take their business to the next level.

Joel SherlockPartnerVantage West Real Estate


Mike Tan

Gabriel has an uncanny ability to quickly learn and understand our business and as a result he has helped us focus and refine our sales system. His systems and coaching have increased the amount of leads we receive on a weekly and monthly basis. He also helped us develop a consistent and scalable sales presentation that has dramatically increased our win-close rate!

Mike TanCEOTeamPages


Jackson Twa

If you don’t have a clear picture of where you’re heading, how do you expect to get there?

Gabriel has really helped me get clarity on my life and business, he has a simple systematic process of helping to produce a clear vision, then breaking it down to practical steps and helping me achieve those steps.

Jackson TwaOwnerWestern Wastewater Systems Ltd.


Sandra Hanna

Since I started working together with Gabriel, there have been some massive positive changes in my life. When it comes to business, after setting a goal to gain clarity on our operating structure, our team has restructured the business, we’ve defined roles and direction and have a very clear and positive outlook for the New Year. As a leader of Smart Cookies, I’m incredibly confident about our direction going forward. As a result of the 90 day focus plan we worked on together, we also blew our website goals out of the water, we are exceeding our target for paid subscriptions, with 94% of our new members coming from the USA – a HUGE accomplishment.

Sandra HannaCEOSmart Cookies

Sebastien Nault

I first started working with Gabriel in late 2010 went through his Business Flight Plan in spring 2011. I couldn’t believe the difference it made for our company!

His simple yet thorough approach has helped us achieve clarity on how to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and on how to communicate effectively with our target audiences.

Far from being just “fluff”, the Flight Plan helped set achievable goals, put in place the processes to achieve them and milestones to keep us accountable along the way.

I would recommend Gabriel to anyone wanting to create or improve their existing sales system.

Sebastien NaultChief Service OfficerBlack Tie Property Services Inc.



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